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Kajaani has a number of architecturally interesting sites.
Two lakes, Oulujärvi and Nuasjärvi, are within easy reach of Kajaani and just about perfect for having wonderful time. Many kinds of cruises are...
A cup of coffee with a piece of tar-flavoured chocolate is worth a try.
Both a Neo-Gothic Lutheran and Byzantine Orthodox church locate in the centre of Kajaani. The beautiful, old wooden church in Paltaniemi is the...
Hotel accommodation is available both in town and a short drive away from the bustle.
Kajaani has lies between two significant recreational locations: the varied, all-year-round accessible Vuokatti and Lake Oulujärvi, an oasis known...
Then customer service centre works as an information and advice desk for the residents in matters relating to municipal organisation thus saving the...
At the museums in Kajaani you can view arts and the history of Kainuu but also various temporary exhibitions.
The nearest cottage accommodation locates 10 kilometres from the centre of Kajaani.
Lake Oulujärvi, also called the Sea of Kainuu, is easily accessed from Kajaani.
Paltaniemi village by Lake Oulujärvi, close to Kajaani, delights visitors with historic sites and peaceful countryside atmosphere.
Kajaani has a lot of interesting activities available for every taste and preference all year round.
Kajaani is the shopping centre for Kainuu with its boutiques and special shops and department stores.
There is a total of 300 kilometres of designated snowmobile tracks in the urban areas, of which approximately 100 kilometres around waterways.
In Kajaani, you can stay comfortably either in the centre of the town, by the beautiful River Kajaaninjoki or a short drive away from the bustle.
Kajaani is known for its castle ruins. Year in year out, the ruins remain the most popular tourist attraction in the city centre.
Vuolijoki with its rural beauty locates southwest of Lake Oulujärvi.
Kaukavesi's pools offer plenty of water and variety for everyone. We have hot and cold pools, long and shorts pools for fitness swimmers,...