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Paltaniemen uimaranta

Kajaani City is in charge of the maintenance of public beaches, the most popular being Paltaniemi and Kesäniemi ones.

In Paltaniemi, by the shores of Lake Oulujärvi, approximately ten kilometres from the city centre, lies the recently upgraded beach with shallow waters. The tracks were improved by wooden slats. Paltaniemi beach is very popular with both Kajaani and Paltaniemi residents. Paltaniemi hosts also a marina by the beach. On the beach, you can play beach volleyball and there is a new playground for children. Beach huts and bathrooms are also close to the beach. The area, around the beach and marina, has improved security and safety procedures.

Kesäniemi is a popular beach by the River Kajaaninjoki. There is a beach volleyball court, jetty, jumping platforms, beach huts and bathrooms. Lifeguards work on Kesäniemi beach in summer.


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