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Vuolijoki has two village centres. Vuolijoki village with its schools and day care centres lingers around the greystone church.  Pentinpuro summer theatre with its wonderful annual plays is close to the village centre as is the Homestead Museum Riihipiha with its extensive collection. Active village associations organise various activities for the villagers all year round. The more adventurous ones can visit Onnela Motor sports track. Magnificent Lake Oulujärvi offers varying opportunities for wilderness tourism both during unfrozen waters and in winter. Peaceful countryside is an excellent place to bring up children.

Otanmäki is an old mining village with its schools and libraries and day care centres. Otanmäki sports centre is close to the school with its outdoor pool and shooting range close to the village for clubs. Otanmäki has good connections to tracks and trails in Talaskangas Nature Reserve reaching all the way to the neighbouring municipality. Beautiful Lake Ryynäsenjärvi provides opportunities for fishing and wilderness tourism. About halfway between Otanmäki and Vuolijoki villages is the Otanmäki Bird Reservoir with multiple species and very popular with bird-watchers.

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