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President Kekkonen’s Kajaani

President Urho Kekkonen (1900-1986) was born in a Lepikko cottage in Pielavesi and lived his childhood in Kajaani.  When he was eleven, he and his family moved to Kajaani where he went to primary and secondary school.  In his youth he was a successful field athlete.  During his political career and presidency, he used to visit Kainuu region as often as he could and also his old hometown Kajaani.

Urho Kekkonen’s home
Kalliokatu 7
Urho Kekkonen lived in the flat in the corner until 1926. The building wall is decorated by a relief by Matti Hynynen. Today, the house is used as an office building.

Urho Kekkonen’s school
Now called Väinölä School
Tapionkatu 9 (the light-coloured building)
President Urho Kekkonen entered the second grade in Kajaani Secondary School and passed his matriculation examination in 1926. Today it is a school for children with special needs. One of the school walls is decorated by a relief by Matti Koskela

Urho Kekkonen Memorial Suuri Aika - Grand Time

suuri aika juha torvinen.jpg

Urho Kekkonen Park, Kirkkokatu
Cast in bronze, standing 8 metres tall, the sculpture is the first national monument erected for a Finnish President outside Helsinki. Unveiled in 3.9.1990, on the 90th anniversary of Urho Kekkonen’s birth. Sculpted by sculptor Pekka Kauhanen in Espoo.

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