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Local culture in Kajaani is rooted deep in history. The development of the town was promoted by a number of notable persons including Elias Lönnrot, Eino Leino and President Urho Kekkonen, among others. Kajaani is well-known for its high-quality arts; the town theatre doubles as the regional theatre and Kaukametsä Complex is the centre of arts and music in town.



The castle ruins standing in the middle of the River Kajaani, which flows through the town centre, remind tourists of the town’s colourful past. Today the river with its modernised Rantapuisto park is a spot of natural beauty and a diverse oasis in the middle of the town for residents and visitors alike.

Paltaniemi village by Lake Oulujärvi, close to Kajaani, provides visitors historic places to visit coupled with genuine countryside atmosphere. Sights in Paltaniemi include Paltaniemi Church, famous for its exquisite murals and paintings in the ceiling as well as Eino Leino House, a building resembling the house where Eino Leino was born with the poet’s works on display. Paltaniemi has also a modernised guest harbour and a sandy, shallow beach very popular with families with young children.

In the centre of town, a visitor will find also other places of interest, including churches, museums, old town hall, public sculptures and monuments. Use your Kajaani mobile guide to locate Renfors riverbank walk and places to visit and sculptures to see.

Nature reserve Talaskangas lies on the border of Kainuu and Savo, south of Otanmäki village. Clear lakes and bonds, marshlands and ancient forests attract hikers with their diversity and invite them to stop for a pot of coffee brewed at the campfire site. Ever-changing wilderness, over 17 kilometres of trails and tracks with duckboards and huts are available for hikers and nature enthusiasts.  A track connecting Talaskangas to Otanmäki reservoir for wild birds is now completed. Town outdoor pool locates in Otanmäki.

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