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Kajaani and its surroundings

Auringonlasku Vuokatissa

Vuokatti, a dream holiday resort for the active, is only half an hour’s drive away from Kajaani. In winter, all possible winter sports are available and a plenty of indoor activities as well. Angry Birds Park, with lots to do for both children and grownups, is a new addition to the facilities.

The other holiday resort is the district around Lake Oulujärvi, the Sea of Kainuu as it is also called, where in addition to fishing, various activities are available in all seasons. The culture tour of Oulujärvi was nominated the Holiday Resort of the Year in 2013. The village of Paltaniemi by Oulujärvi shore is only 10 kilometres from the centre with historic sites as well as idyllic peaceful countryside scenery. The places of interest in Vuolijoki are no more than half an hour’s drive away. Attractions include Riihipiha Homestead Museum and grounds, Vuolijoki stone church, Otanmäki outdoor pool, mining village milieu and Talaskangas Nature Reserve. Also the Oulujärvi islands Manamansalo and Ärjä are worth a visit.

Upper Kainuu holiday resorts Ukkohalla and Paljakka are close by, too, approximately an hours’ drive away. Suomussalmi and Kuhmo holiday resorts with their events and services are easily accessible – for instance, by making a day trip from Kajaani.

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