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Special-benefit swimming and gym e-bracelets are valid for one year, and can be used during Kaukavesi opening hours once a day.

Swimming e-bracelet special benefit Kajaani (e-bracelet)

Customers can receive this benefit by presenting their Social Insurance Institution (Kela) card, doctor's diagnosis or medical statement. Eligibility is determined based on ICD-10, International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, an international disease classification system developed by WHO. The criteria are based on scientifically proven benefits of water and gym exercise for a patient's ability to function. The goal of the special-benefit e-bracelet programme is to motivate people to exercise.

Special-benefit swimming and gym e-bracelets are valid for one year, and can be used during Kaukavesi opening hours once a day. E-bracelets are sold to non-residents, as well. 

The basis for granting the benefit is valid until further notice and is reviewed regularly. The City of Kajaani environmental technology committee is responsible for conditions of granting the benefit and reserves the right to make changes.

The combination e-bracelet price is 120 €/year/person (includes swimming and gym) + a fee of 6,00 € for the bracelet.

The e-bracelet is valid for one year from date of purchase. Prices may change annually. The special-benefit e-bracelet is valid for the specified swimming hall. Annual closing of the swimming hall is not reimbursed. The fee is non-refundable.

Prerequisites for granting a special-benefit e-bracelet

The customer must meet criteria for granting the benefit when purchasing the e-bracelet. It will not be granted if the customer does not meet the criteria. Misuse of the special-benefit e-bracelet will result in its cancellation.

Criteria with which the e-bracelet may be purchased from the Kaukavesi payment counter: Identification must be presented at the counter.

The following can be found on your Social Insurance Institution (Kela) card:

asthmatics, Kela card code 203
diabetics, Kela card code 103
muscular disease, Kela card code 108
mental health patients, Kela card code 112 tai 188
MS patients, Kela card code 109 or 303
Parkinson's Disease, Kela card code 110
rheumatism, Kela card code 202
coronary artery disease, Kela card code 206
congestive heart failure, Kela card code 201
hearing impairment class 8
vision impairment (card can be obtained from the Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired)
epilepsy, Kela card code 111, 181, 182, 183

In the cases below, provide a medical record or medical statement and your contact information in a sealed envelope, and place it in the e-bracelet feedback box in the Kaukavesi lobby. The estimated time to receive a decision is about two weeks.

Cerebral Palsy (diagnosis G80), Kela decision on care or medical statement
progressive central nervous system diseases (diagnoses G10-G13), medical statement
invalids, serious disabilities, musculoskeletal diseases; degree of impairment at least 55% or class 11, medical statement
developmentally disabled, statement from developmental-disability care provider, decision on care granted by Kela or a medical statement
musculature diseases (diagnosis G70-G73), medical statement
mental health patients (diagnosis F32.2) in medication statement form F 32.2
post-polio conditions, medical statement
cancer patients (diagnosis C-00-C96), medical statement 
children with disabilities (e.g. ADHD, autism, epilepsy, heart disease, cancer, diastrophic dysplasia (Q77), amputation of both feet or legs)
sleep apnoea, medical statement
developmental motors skills disorder F 82
organ transplant, doctor's statement
fibromyalgia 79.0 –79.2
dysphasia, under age 18 (diagnosis F80.2 or F80.1), medical statement
dwarfism, adults Q77

A medical statement is for example a copy of a hospital record or other document that reliably shows the diagnosis and degree of severity (e.g. C statement, B statement).

Purchase and charging of special-benefit e-bracelets is done at the payment counter. The e-bracelet cannot be charged in the office.

Use of assistants

Some customers may be able to receive a "2/e-bracelet" that gives them the right to be accompanied by an adult assistant (over 18) at no charge. If a customer with a special-benefit e-bracelet needs assistance in the locker or shower areas, the assistant must be the same sex as the customer.

Those eligible for a 2/e-bracelet are:

developmentally disabled (2/e-bracelet available at the payment counter)
Cerebral Palsy (2/e-bracelet available at the payment counter)
visually impaired (2/e-bracelet available at the payment counter)
dysphasia (under 18) (2/e-bracelet available at the payment counter)
children under 10 who meet the granting criteria (2/e-bracelet available at the payment counter)
discretionary, statement from a doctor or physical therapist regarding the need for an assistant, or a rehabilitation plan (2/e-bracelet permit from office)

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