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Splishing and Splashing!

Kaukavesi's pools offer plenty of water and variety for everyone. We have hot and cold pools, long and shorts pools for fitness swimmers, families and water-sport athletes alike. Accessibility and lifting equipment enable enjoyment for everyone.


Main pool

The main pool is the heart of Kaukavesi and is well-suited for fitness swimming, water running and diverse water sports. There is hustle and bustle from morning to night. Depending on the time, some lanes or a portion of pool functions may be reserved for the use of specific groups.

Total of 8 lanes
4 x 25 metres, depth 1.20 - 1.35 metres
4 x 50 metres, depth 3.70 metres
Lane width 2.50 metres
Water temperature 27 degrees



Diving tower

Somersaults or a straight dive? Daredevils can enjoy safe diving into the deep end of the pool!

Two heights, 1 and 3 metres
Water depth below diving boards 3.70 metres
Diving tower opening hours, see opening hours



Teaching pool

Swimming is an important civic skill. Our teaching pool offers a safe environment to become familiar with the water and practise basic skills, for example in swimming schools and other instruction groups.

Altaan pituus n. 20 metriäPool length approx. 20 metres
Stairs, depth 0.35 - 0.5 metres
Depth 0.8 - 1.0 metres
Water temperature 28 degrees



Multi-function pool

The multi-function pool's warm water, bubbles that massage your neck and shoulders as well as showers refresh, relax and pamper you. The multi-function pool is well-suited for example for baby swimming and water aerobics to strengthen muscles.

Multi-function pool depth 1.1 - 1.35 metres
Water temperature 30 degrees



Cold water pool

Brrrrrr... Who's afraid of the cold! In the cold-water pool you'll feel your capillary blood flow improve and quickly learn to enjoy the feeling of wellness it brings to your body.

Cold water pool depth 1.10 metres
Water temperature 4-6 degrees

Hot water pool

The hot water pool offers complete relaxation. Like basking in nectar. Athletes, among others, have found that alternating cold and hot-water pools helps recovery after training.

Hot water pool depth 0.5 metres
Water temperature 37 degrees



Toddler pool

Our Toddler pool is designed for the very youngest. Pleasantly warm water and fish-theme toys bring enthusiasm!

Toddler pool depth 0.1 - 0.25 metres
Water temperature 30 degrees

Water slide

Wheee! Our long water slide winds around the outside of the building! Users take turns and slide feet-first. For safety reasons, water slide users under that age of eight must be accompanied by an adult.

Water slide total length 50 metres



Sauna and locker rooms

Lockers operate with e-bracelets. Both the women's and men's locker room areas include a sauna. Accessibility has been taken into consideration in the locker room and sauna areas, with shower wheelchairs available.

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