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Instructions and rules

Kaukavesi adheres to national regulations on swimming hall and pool safety set by the Consumer Authority.

Vesiliikuntakeskus Kaukavesi

Safety training

Safety training for personnel is held twice a year. A Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving Federation instructor holds a Trimmi safety review course, for which Kaukavesi receives a certificate. Kaukavesi personnel hold their own internal Trimmi course in the spring.

Water fitness centre Kaukavesi rules


Turns at Kaukavesi are two hours long
Use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, as well as arriving at the swimming hall under the influence, are prohibited.
Bubble gum and other foods are prohibited in the pool area.
Equipment rentals must be arranged at the payment counter. Rented equipment must be returned to its designated location.
Kaukavesi is not responsible for lost or stolen property. You can inquire about missing property at the payment counter.
Kaukavesi areas have video security-camera coverage.
In keeping with general tidiness, be sure to place waste in bins.


To keep pool water clean, everyone must shower thoroughly without a bathing suit before going into a pool.
Remember to wash your hair, as well. If you do not want to wet your hair, use a swimming cap.
Bathing suits must not be worn in the sauna, as chlorine evaporates and forms poisonous gases that can cause respiratory distress.
Shorts and undergarments are not considered bathing suits.
Wearing jewellery in the pool area is not recommended.
Colouring your hair, shaving, nail and foot care, etc. is prohibited.
AlEntering the pool area, locker room or shower areas in outdoor shoes is prohibited. If necessary, use protective covers.
Those with contagious skin diseases are prohibited from entering the swimming hall.


Children under the age of eight and people who do not know how to swim can enter Kaukavesi areas only with a parent or adult.
Gym users must be at least 15.
Solarium users must be at least 18.
Swimming skill required for use of the large pool is 25 metres without aids.
Report illnesses affecting swimming safety to personnel.
Swimming underwater for more than 25 metres and long deep-diving exercises are prohibited.
To ensure general enjoyment and safety, making excessive noise, running and otherwise bothering swimmers is prohibited.
Group, school and sports club training is held only under supervision, and the supervisor must be present the entire time.

These rules as well as instructions given by personnel must be followed. Anyone breaking these rules can be removed from the swimming hall and may be banned from using the facility for a fixed period of time.

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