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Kajaani provides a fantastic setting for both outdoor and indoor activities for people of all ages.


Kajaani provides excellent facilities for all kinds of sports. Outdoor facilities, such as ball game courts and fields, beaches and trails cover the town extensively.

Water Sports Centre Kaukavesi, Kajaani Hall, Ice Hall, Otanmäki Sports Hall and school sports facilities as well as numerous other sites maintained by clubs and other organisations allow for independent and varying physical exercise indoors.

As stated in Kajaani sports strategy (for 2010-2025), support on and encouragement towards physical activity and sports shall focus on the two ends of the life cycle. This means that exercise classes arranged by various clubs and organisations, if held in the sports facilities that are the property of the City, are free for under 18-year-olds. The City emphasises also the importance of supporting physical activity with the elderly and provides a swimming pass, 70+ sports pass and a number of exercise groups at Kaukametsä College. Furthermore, the city supports associations for independent attendance to workout classes at gym.


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