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Opetus ja koulutus

Lakkiaiset. Kuva: Mikko Saari

Finnish Education System

The Finnish education system consists of:

  • Early childhood education which is mainly provided for children before the compulsory education begins,
  • Preschool education which is provided for children in the year preceding the beginning of compulsory education,
  • Nine-year basic education (comprehensive school)
  • Upper secondary education which consists of vocational education and training, and general upper secondary education
  • Higher education provided by universities and universities of applied sciences
  • Furthermore, adult education is available at all levels

Kajaani Basic Education does good work and in many ways leads the way nationwide. Innovations in pedagogical development continue the quality development work that has been done for long in the field of, for example, special needs education, in the City of Kajaani. In Kajaani, educational services are easily accessible regardless of the student's place of residence.

Kajaani Upper Secondary School and Vocational College form the Public Institute maintained by the City of Kajaani.

Upper secondary school studies can be completed at the Kajaani Upper Secondary School and the Kajaani Upper Secondary School for Adults. Kainuu Vocational College organizes multidisciplinary upper secondary vocational education and training for young people and adults. At Kainuu Vocational College you also have the possibility to complete two degree studies, a Vocational Qualification and the Matricular Examination.

University of Oulu and Kajaani University of Applied Sciences constitute the Kajaani University Consortium. It includes the activities of the Center of University of Kajaani at the University of Oulu along with the activities of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. The Consortium is part of the strategic cooperation and current form of collective action of the universities located in Kainuu.

Kaukametsä College (Kaukametsän opisto) offers versatile opportunities for Kajaani natives of all ages to pursue activities or to study. Each year the College offers several hundreds of courses of varying length as well as lectures and series of lectures. Open University studies can also be completed through the College.

Kainuu Music Academy (Kainuun musiikkiopisto) organizes basic education in arts in the form of advanced studies in music and dance as well as provides the necessary competences for further pursuing vocational studies in the field.

“Center of Competence Kainuun Aalto” (Osaamiskeskus Kainuun Aalto) is a cooperative learning institution formed by the Kainuu Summer University and the Aalto Adult Education Center.

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