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Then customer service centre works as an information and advice desk for the residents in matters relating to municipal organisation thus saving the client’s time.

Kajaani Info 2020 Satu Härkönen

Customer service centre Kajaani Info provides one on one service at its one-stop service counter where you can take care of all of your city-related matters in one visit.

Advice and information
- Local tourist information (please, see also Tourism section on the respective web page)
- Tourist brochures and maps of Kainuu and the biggest towns and tourist districts in Finland
- Event flyers (e.g larger concert halls and theatres)
- Guide coordination

Parking-related services
- Customer parking licences for companies
- Resident parking licences
- Company parking licences
- Licences for veterans for free parking
- Parking tickets
- Request for adjustments on parking control

Paying bills
At the customer service centre, you can pay bills for Kajaani City, Kajaanin Vesi (Kajaani Waterworks) and Kainuu Social Welfare and Healthcare Services. There are usually three cashiers.

Tickets sold (national Lippupiste sale point)



Centralised ticket sales for various cultural events and theatre in Kajaani. Moreover, tickets sold for all other events in Finland for which Lippupiste has tickets available.

City transport services
- Local transport timetables and information
- Veteran cards

Other services
- Documents officially on display
- Documents may also be left at the counter to be delivered to city offices.
- Application forms (e.g. for day care, preschool, building control department)
- Fishing licences for Kajaani recreational fishing waters
- Hunting licences for Kajaani hunting zones
- War veteran lunch passes
- Sports passes 65+
- Vienankatu gym passes
- History books on Kajaani and Kainuu
- Hire arrangements of the old city hall for banquets or meetings
- A client terminal is available for clients’ use.

tel. +358 8 6155 2555 

Open Mon-Fri 9-15
NOTICE! 21.-27.12.2020 Kajaani Info is closed.


Pohjolankatu 13
87100 Kajaani
Location on map
Tel.  08 6155 2555


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