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Workforce, competence and R&D

Availability of competent workforce is an urban strategy level goal for Kajaani. Kajaani is indeed well-known for its educational and training capabilities – for a reason. A seamless cycle of education all the way to the university level supplemented by close cooperation between educational institutions and the business sector guarantees sufficient workforce and continuous development of personnel’s competence. Students’ work training periods with theses and final papers are an excellent resource for local businesses.

Recruitment and training services

The TE Services Unit of Kainuu TE Office provides assistance on the recruitment procedures and further development of personnel’s competence by labour-force and personnel training, jointly procured training with respective companies and apprenticeship training.

Kainuu Vocational College KAO gives vocational training for various vocational examinations and numerous intensive competence training programmes, which can also easily be tailored to meet a company’s immediate needs. KAO is a competent key partner in TE Service joint procurement and apprenticeship training programmes.

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences provides university level education leading to a degree in Kainuu region. It offers continuous training, language training, development project services, technology services and analysis services for companies.  KAMK may also be commissioned to carry out researches and clearance reports and it provides recruitment services through its direct canal to students.

AIKOPA is an adult and continuing education unit of Oulu University in Kajaani and Kajaani University of Applied Sciences.  Responding to the needs of the world of work, AIKOPA provides university level continuing education and development services in Kainuu, Northern Finland and Upper Savo regions.

Development services for management and personnel are available also by Kainuun Etu Oy’s Kasvua Kainuuseen project. It provides tailored training for companies to promote business growth, internationalisation and change of ownership as well as introduces new approaches for the organisation of work practices, and management and development of the quality of the world of work.

Product development and innovation services

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences engages in company-oriented R&D programmes with SMEs in all key sectors of its competence. R&D is carried out as partnership projects with companies, but also based on direct orders and commissions. The state-of-art laboratories at the University of Applied Sciences are available for companies. At the product research and development stages, the university performs research and tests for the companies, also complete large-scale research projects can be carried out.

Kajaani University Consortium is a separate unit of the University of Oulu. The other partners in the consortium are The University of Eastern Finland, University of Jyväskylä and University of Lapland.  In the University Consortium, technology development and applied research for businesses is performed by CEMIS-Oulu Unit which focuses on metrology in particular in the cleantech and wellness sectors. The unit provides measurement-based services for companies by co-financed projects but also as individual orders.

VTT MIKES-Kajaani is a part of VTT MIKES which maintains and develops the national measurement standards system. VTT MIKES-Kajaani in Renforsin Ranta specialises in the calibration and research of measurement instruments for companies on force, mass, torque and water flow. VTT MIKES-Kajaani operates as the national measurement standards laboratory regarding force, torque and mass. A research team for applied metrology works in Kajaani providing consultation services on measurement science and technology in CEMIS Centre projects.   Also a part of the VTT Wireless Solutions research team works at the Kajaani Unit.

Centre for Metrology and Information Systems, CEMIS is a contract-based research and training centre of the University of Oulu, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, VTT MIKES and the University of Jyväskylä.  The projects undertaken by the centre combine a high level of cross-sectoral knowledge and skills of their partners. CEMIS Centre focuses on the development of metrology and information systems knowhow in the fields of bio-economy, extractive industry, physical activity and wellness sector and game and simulator technology applications.  With their research and development services CMIS Centre trains highly qualified experts and specialists, and produces state of art technology and new business transactions for companies developing and implementing measurement and information systems.

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