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Premises and properties


Kajaani Technology Centre register for premises lists available business facilities owned and maintained by the Centre in its capacity of a City subsidy. Technology Centre may also act as a builder on behalf of an enterprise in a building project. The premises lie in the Petäisenniska Industrial District, in the eastern part of town, by the road number 5, with both office and industrial facilities and office space at Linna Business Premises in the very city centre.

Renfors Ranta Industrial District hires out business spaces in the former UPM Kajaani Paper Mill property. Renforsin Ranta also refurbishes premises for companies. The extensive industrial property has facilities from modern offices to heavy-duty industrial spaces and the solid infrastructure of a former works site.



Kajaani City Land Sale Register lists available land owned by the City. With their land use and town planning policy, the City provides opportunities for varying business activities and hands over new properties for business purposes.

A new industrial site locates in Petäisenniska Business District, in the eastern part of town, by the road number 5, by the river with properties of varying sizes, for instance for special trade needs requiring a lot of space. Both the City and private property-owners have land available in the town planning zone. City-owned properties are listed in the Kajaani City Land Sales Register and if necessary, the City may liaise between the parties in case of a private land-owner.

In addition to the existing buildings in the Renfors Ranta Industrial District, the location has excellent town planning possibilities for construction projects and resources in the old industrial site. Moreover, UPM Group has a huge industrial site to the north-west of the industrial district, by the river.

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