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Corporate cooperation

Cooperation between the City and local entrepreneurs is relaxed and straightforward with close rapport. It is based on the City’s business programme, prepared in cooperation with entrepreneur associations and organisations with long-term emphases on entrepreneur cooperation. The City’s key partners in this are the entrepreneur associations and organisations which are the entrepreneurs' channel to influence public administration.

During the year, the City management together with the Entrepreneurs in Kainuu organisation invite representatives of enterprises in various fields to business luncheons to discuss informally the situation in their respective fields and their development needs. A couple of times year, the City and the Entrepreneurs in Kajaani jointly organise a breakfast meeting. Visits to companies are a part of the cooperation policy. The City participates in the entrepreneurs’ campaigns and events. Furthermore, if any friction arises between public agents and enterprises, no attempt will be made to ignore possible difficulties but the entrepreneur associations and organisations shall seize them and organise info sessions and debates to provide an opportunity to let off steam and encourage mutual understanding.

Public procurement by the City is an important and practical part of company cooperation. The procurement office of the City together with the Entrepreneurs in Kainuu initiated an active and interactive procurement cooperation, which has achieved good results. Together they organise more extensive procurement evenings and the procurement office arranges events for local enterprises for technical discussion about large-scale procurements well in advance before invitation for tenders. City guideline for small-scale procurement was upgraded to better respond to the opportunities of local enterprises to participate. The important thing is notification of future procurements in cooperation with the entrepreneur associations and organisations so that also the local enterprises will be able to participate.

Procurement agent service is a national service run by the Entrepreneurs in Finland organisation; the procurement agent service for joint procurement in Kainuu is also a part of it. The service includes an effective information search service for procurement data and local agents. The procurement agent service was originally launched as a joint pilot project by the Entrepreneurs in Kainuu and the City and is now a permanent feature of procurement cooperation. Online service is run by the Entrepreneurs in Kainuu and one on one contact by the City.

Entrepreneur associations and organisations in Kajaani

The Entrepreneurs in Kainuu is a regional organisation of the Entrepreneurs in Finland which local entrepreneur associations are members of. As an expert and a contributor, the organisation enhances opportunities for viable operation for enterprises and entrepreneurs, adding entrepreneurs’ influence in social decision-making and creating positive attitude towards entrepreneurship.  As a member of a local entrepreneur organisation, an entrepreneur is automatically covered by the services provided for members of The Entrepreneurs in Finland organisation.  The services include, among other things, extensive guidance service free of charge, exclusive benefits and The Entrepreneurs in Finland notification and online services; Change of Ownership Register being one of them.

The Entrepreneurs in Kajaani is a regional association of the Entrepreneurs in Finland and its regional organisation, the Entrepreneurs in Kainuu, with more than 600 local member enterprises. The Entrepreneurs in Kajaani association promotes cooperation of its member enterprises, is in charge of local representation and advises in implementation of services provided by the entrepreneur organisation. The City Head of the Office is an expert member of the Board of the Entrepreneurs in Kajaani allowing for uncomplicated exchange of information between the two parties.

Women Entrepreneurs in Kajaani is the local association under the Women Entrepreneurs of Finland. Women Entrepreneurs in Kajaani promote Women’s entrepreneurship and monitor women entrepreneurs’ interests, create entrepreneur networks and generate success for Women Entrepreneurs and Kajaani alike.

Kajaani City Centre Association, Kakery for short, is an association founded by entrepreneurs in the city centre with more than a hundred members developing Kajaani city centre and creating a viable entity, the core of the Kainuu municipal capital with a strong image, excellent accessibility and wide provision of trade and services.  Kakery organises various events in the city centre attracting a lot of audience.

Oulu Chamber of Commerce, Kajaani Chamber of Commerce Unit is a part of the regional, national and global network of Chambers of Commerce. They promote business activities and growth by action and by distributing information to safeguard business competitiveness. Cooperation with municipalities, authorities and other decision-makers in the society is an important part of the Chamber of Commerce’s work. Oulu Chamber of Commerce provides its members extensive services of business development.

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