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Business and trade services


Vast variety of business and trade services are available and easily accessible in Kajaani. The services cover the entire life cycle of an enterprise from the founding to change of owner. Business and trade services are offered by municipality-funded development organisations, state administration and private parties.

Kajaani Technology Centre, City business premises

Kajaani Technology Centre provides premises at all stages of business operations by renting, selling or building new ones. It has the capability and experience to manage large-scale projects, too. The companies operate in Technology Park in premises provided by Technology Centre which is a city subsidiary. The Technology Park lies in Petäisenniska industrial district in the eastern part of the town, by the road number 5 and has premises also in the town centre in Linna business complex.

Measurepolis Development Oy, a development company for measurement technology

The main task of Measurepolis Development Oy is to create viable business solutions of measurement technology for its partners. Measurepolis Kajaani is a national concentration of knowledge and skills combining companies, training, research, and development organisations of which Measurepolis Development Oy, a city subsidiary, shoulders main responsibility.

Kainuun Etu Oy, a regional development company

Kainuun Etu Oy is a development company jointly owned by Kainuu municipalities and operating in the entire region. It contributes to the development of Kainuu business structures and assists the key sectors with the development of business competence, competitiveness, internationalisation, growth and cooperation.

ELY Centre, Business Services, Kainuu, state administration business and trade services

ELY Centre provides services to promote small and medium sized business growth and development, business operation and management efficiency, technology and innovation development, the upgrading of competence among the staff and training of new personnel. For ELY services, please click the link above or visit the Entrepreneurs in Finland organisation online service which contains a more detailed list of various services available for companies.

Regional Council of Kainuu, a regional development organisation 

Regional Council of Kainuu awards national and EU regional development funds for various regional development projects, is responsible for regional land use planning and zoning and acts as the primary representative in the region towards state administration and the EU.

Renforsin ranta

Renforsin Ranta is an industrial district in Kajaani founded in the premises of the old UPM Kajaani Works.  The area, named after Herman Renfors, an industrialist who used to live and work in Kajaani, provides a growth platform with strong regional cooperation, UPM support and complete varied infrastructure for companies from all sectors.

Kajaani City Business and Trade Team

Mayor Jari Tolonen, Chairperson, Tel. 044 7100 313
Technical Director Timo Soininen Tel. 044 7100 263
City Architect Anne Siltavuori Tel. 044 7100 834
Business Premises Director Markku Haverinen Tel. 044 7100 302
Director of Education and Culture Services Mikko Saari Tel. 044 7100 235
Principal of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences Turo Kilpeläinen Tel. 044 7101 600
Educational Public Utility (vocational school and high school) Director Anssi Tuominen Tel. 044 5124 933
Managing Director of Kajaani Technology Centre Jarmo Juntunen Tel. 050 2027
Managing Director of Measurepolis Development Oy Jussi Mäkinen Tel. 0400 995 466
Head of Office Risto Hämäläinen, Secretary, Tel. 044 7100 217

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