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Agriculture and rural development

Kajaani has an agricultural secretary managing farming subsidies and other rural matters. Farm relief services are managed at another desk.

Agricultural office administrates and pays farming subsidies. The City of Kajaani, Sotkamo Municipality and City of Kuhmo constitute a cooperation region with Sotkamo Municipality shouldering the responsibility of the region’s administration. Cooperation between municipalities is arranged as per Agency for Rural Affairs’ instruction. Municipal cooperation in rural matters is regulated by law.

An agricultural secretary works in the agricultural office and is best contacted by phone or email. Appointments in person on Kajaani office days. Written messages by post, at the Kajaani Info desk or the letterbox outside the building.

Farm relief for agricultural entrepreneurs is arranged at Siikalatva Farm Relief Services and Sotkamo Farm Relief Services.

Advice for agricultural enterprises

A service for enterprises in operation in the countryside including farms and enterprises in the fields of tourist, food, horse and bioenergy industry. Pro Agria specialists help with all business-related questions as well as licences and funding applications. The service is personal assistance by a business advisor.

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