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The church represents the most decorative Neo-Gothic style of the late 19th century. Kajaani church was built in 1897.

The wooden church with its rich decorations was designed by Jacob Ahrenberg.

The so-called carpenter-style was used on inner structures and the roof trusses were copied from the ones in London Westminster Hall while the placement of the church tower off the middle axis of the chamber was of German influence.

The slender tower carries a hint of the Italian Renaissance and Baroque touches.

Open 10.6.-20.8.2017 every day 10-20.
Also guided tours with Kajaani tour guide can be arranged. Bookings for a guided tour, tel. 044 500 4471 or 044 500 5276.


Kirkkokatu 17
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Kajaani Christ Church of the Transfiguration was completed in 1959. The icons and murals painted in 1988-2005 by Petros Sasaki and Alkiviadis Kepolas in the church altar and church represent the old style.
The Orthodox Church in Kajaani is the only Byzantine style church in the Nordic countries.

Parish office is open Tue and Thu 9-12 and 13-15, tel. 045 606 2197
Orthodox cemetery, Kirkkoahontie 633

Kajaani Chapel
Kirkkoahontie 640  

The Orthodox Chapel in Kajaani was openend for ecclesiastical use on Saturday 18.8.2012. Metropolitan Panteleimon of Oulu Diocese carried out the blessing of water. The chapel has room for approximately 50 persons. The chapel is built in the same fashion as the Church of Resurrection of Lazarus from Murom Monastery dating back to the 15th century in Kizhi Museum Island in Lake Onega. Karelian church architecture is present in the shape of log walls, in decorations, in the sharp slope of the roof and in the onion shape of the dome.


Paltaniementie 851, Paltaniemi
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Open from 29.5.-13.8.2017 every day 10 -18, at other times on arrangement. The church can be visited during guided village tours and sight-seeing tours. Bookings,  tel. 044 500 4471 or 044 500 5276,


The old church for Paltamo congregation was built in 1726.
The other church in Paltamo was damaged in an earthquake in 1626 and the third one destroyed in the Great Northern War:  Russians robbed and burned it in 1716. A Kalevala memorial stone lies on the steps of the church symbolising the connection between Kainuu and Karelia.  The church is a wooden one, decorated by paintings in the ceiling and the walls. The bell tower by the church dates back to 1769.


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The only greystone church in Kainuu was built in 1905-1906.

The building was designed by Architect Josef Stenbäck. It is arranged in asymmetrical cross-shape with the tower in the end of the building.

The other church in Vuolijoki district was built in 1960 adjacent to Otanmäki parish hall. The town of Kajaani, to which Vuolijoki municipality was incorporated in the beginning of 2007, has 38,100 inhabitants. Kajaani congregation has 30,200 members. Approximately 2,300 people live in Vuolijoki district.

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