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City bikes

Summer 2018 is dedicated to cycling in Kajaani!
Pyöräilijä Hunajakuja

Summer 2018 is dedicated to cycling in Kajaani!

In Finland cycling is the second most popular way of exercise just after walking. Cycling is actively practised by nearly one million Finns. Certainly, because it's fast, healthy and ecological way of moving from place to another. Cycling is also an act for economy: it has been calculated in Denmark that every kilometre driven by bicycle produce for society 0,16€, whereas same distance driven by private cars expends the society 0,10€. More further, Copenhagen has been chosen to be the bicycle friendliest city in world. There are more bicycles than cars in Copenhagen.

The city of Kajaani, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences and Young Entrepreneur company Orange Stone, are together offering city bikes in summer 2018 for all the citizens and travellers. These urban bicycles are designed to encourage city dwellers and tourists on cycling to explore the easy way of moving around the city as well as places of interest nearby the city centre.

There is a special mention about the two electrified wheels we have in our collection. One of the electrified wheels are sponsored by the energy company Loiste and the other one is sponsored by Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. These electrified wheels are well suited for example to senior bikers.

The bike rental service is open every day from 10 am to 6 pm (except if it rains.) Young Entrepreneur company Orange Stone reserves the rights for the changes. The program of summer also includes various lotteries and competitions, common bike tours and other activities. They are all published in Facebook page Pyöräillen Puukaupungissa as well as The entrepreneurs of Orange Stone: Jari and Leena, are also assisting citizens and tourists in the city centre and train station.


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